Full Recovery Plant

Our Full Recovery Plants are located in Penang, Malaysia and Thailand. They are designed and managed to meet international standards and have the capacity to store, treat and dispose of more than 200,000 metric tonnes of various classes of waste annually.

Environmental Pollution Protection System

At MEP, we are equipped with a full recovery system, including a scrubber system and wastewater treatment to minimise air and water pollution. On the one hand, we have a pollutant-targeted scrubber system to effectively treat fumes emitted in various production processes, including ammonia, chlorine and sulfur compounds. Rest assured that the treated air is discharged to the atmosphere and conforms to the Environmental Quality Act (Clean Air) 2014.

On the other hand, our wastewater treatment technology employs an integrated system comprising pH neutralisation processing, coagulating sedimentation treatment, filtering. These processes will ensure the treated water compliance to the Environmental Quality Act (Industrial Effluent) Regulation 2009-Standard B.

Laboratory & Research



Plastic Division

We believe plastic recycling is essential to reduce waste generation and plays a vital role in our sustainability agenda. As more consumers and businesses are looking to recycle more plastics, our plastic compounding division is obliged to undertake this responsibility and enhance our capabilities to meet our clients’ plastic recycling needs. Scrap plastic materials such as cross-linked plastics, cured and vulcanised rubber, mixed plastics materials, plastic parts and synthetic fibres require careful scrap recycling solutions. Thus, we have sufficient resources, facilities and technical know-how to manage wide-ranging plastic waste. Above all, our full recovery plants are licensed under the Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) under the Customs Act 1967, Malaysia, allowing us to manufacture and recycle all types of plastic wastes. This enables us to offer our clients comprehensive plastic waste management programmes.

Copper Division

With an infinite recyclable life, copper is widely used in construction, industrial machinery, electrical grids, electronic products, motor and home appliances. We understand that recycling copper requires less energy than extracting copper from ore, it also reduces landfill use. MEPSB with our recovery technology able to extract copper from e-waste, copper wire, and scrap. At the end of the recovery process, we can get copper flakes as our finished goods.