Environment Stewardship

At MEP, we recognise the vital relationship between humans and the natural environment, whereby the former can never prosper without the latter. Hence, we leverage every tool and resource to make sustainability an integral part of our total waste management solutions, from investing in eco-friendly waste management technology and adopting cost-effective business practices to complying with environmental rules. For the latter, we do not compromise and simply put, we comply with four basic sets of rules: the law, 3rd party certification standards (ISO, etc.), our corporate governance and client contractual requirements.

Social Value

We do more than just achieving business KPIs or realising our green commitments. We aim to minimise environmental impact and ensure every action we take leaves a net gain to society. Hence, we strive to share our accomplishments with communities where we operate by contributing our resources and expertise for a strong and close-knit community building. We do this by setting up the MEP CSR Foundation, dedicated to promoting community fairness, respect, and care. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes include donation, sponsorship, volunteerism and community outreach activities. To exemplify, we have also been giving out PPEs to frontliners since the start of the pandemic.

Good Governance

A company is as good as its people, and we are no exception. Good governance is primarily based on responsible leadership, sound policies and ethical practices. They make up the foundation from which trust is built. Moreover, our corporate governance system has established the company’s credibility and helped to gain confidence among stakeholders and prospects. Hence, we will continue to improve our governance practices as we move forward.