Plastic Sustainability Program

MEP works on plastic recovery by reprocessing customer plastic waste and returning it to the customer supply chain to be reproduced. We can reduce our reliance on landfills, cut CO2 emissions, conserve resources, and safeguard the environment from plastic pollution by focusing on plastic recovery.

Environmentally Sustainable Management of Used Gloves

Gloves are recyclable materials. For example, nitrile, vinyl and latex gloves can be recycled and reused. MEP provides environmentally sustainable management solution to our customer. With this program, MEP will process and clean the used gloves and send them back to the customer to reuse in their production. Through this program, we can conserve ecosystems, reduce waste send to landfill, saves resource, energy and money and reduce pollution.

Food Waste Composting Project

Every day, millions of food are produced around the world and millions of tons of food are wasted. In MEP, we encourage our customers to join the Food Waste Composting Project which is intended to promote customer awareness to turn the food waste into something really useful – organic fertilizer.